Best PS5 Controllers Available Now

If you’re looking for a premium PS5 controller, look no further than the Scuf Reflex.

Is this the BEST custom PS5 controller

Reviewing the new Playstation 5 controller from Scuf, the Scuf Reflex. Is this the best custom ps5 controller?
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Best PS5 Gaming Controllers For 2022 | DualSense Alternatives?

Check Out The Best PS5 Gaming Controllers Here!
► BCB Controller:
► HexGaming Ultimate:
► Victrix Pro Fs:
► Razer Raion:

00:00 Best PS5 Gaming Controllers
00:13 BCB Controller
01:13 HexGaming Ultimate
02:53 Victrix Pro Fs
04:15 Razer Raion

The BCB gaming controller is one of the best gaming controllers in the market. This controller is made for Play station 5. This Remote Control provides an immersive gaming experience that adds adventurous action to life. All you have to do is Simply charge using a USB Type C cable before playing with the remote control. This custom controller for ps5 wireless provides great dynamic adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and a built-in microphone, all integrated into a hydrographic custom design. The layout of the gamepad buttons is optimized with an excellent dual analog joystick design. In addition, the ergonomic controller is sensitive, has faster response times, and improves accuracy at critical moments. You can choose games that take an extra dimension with fidelity sound effects bursting from the PS 5 compatible Remote Control.

The PlayStation 5 is still hard to come by. Almost as equally tricky to procure is a PS5 controller with back paddles, but HexGaming’s Ultimate pad has come to the rescue. For console FPS players, back paddles have become a necessity. The paddles let you jump around corners, sprint, or toggle other essential commands without the delay of pressing a face button or having to push in either of the thumbsticks. HexGaming is a lesser-known brand in the accessories market, but one that should be more acclaimed given the quality of the HexGaming Ultimate. HexGaming’s Ultimate PS5 controller comes with six magnetic swappable thumbsticks. Like the Xbox Elite controller, the sticks can be short, long, domed, and concave, allowing you to pick whatever combination you want with ease. I’ve used KontrolFreek’s thumbstick extenders for default controllers in the past. They’re good if you want to up your stick length on a plain DualSense, but HexGaming’s functionality here takes that to the next level. To swap sticks, simply twist and pull them off, and new ones pop right back into place simply and effectively. I was initially worried that they might pop out with heavy usage, but after a couple of sweaty weeks with Halo Infinite and Call of Duty: Vanguard, the sticks are just fine. As it’s a DualSense controller, the Ultimate can be used on a PC with a wire to play games like Halo. The controller doesn’t ship with a spare cord.

Victrix is a newcomer to the gaming peripherals space, but it hasn’t burst onto the scene with lowly, budget offerings aimed at gamers who want a flashy product. Every inch of the Pro FS is designed well and thoughtfully. To start, it has an anodized aluminum unibody with smooth curves around the front and back and a gentle slope where I’d naturally rest my wrists. It feels a lot better to put my hands on than a plastic surface or one with hard corners and edges. The bottom has soft pads taking up most of the surface area. The largest is black and features Victrix’s subtle logo, while the two on either side are the company’s signature purple. While the pads feel smooth to the touch, they do a remarkable job of keeping the fight stick in place on my lap during play, and they add a bit of cushion. There are also handles on each side of the base, making it easy to tote around. Victrix included a 3.5mm headset jack that’s right, not just audio out on the front edge of the nightstick, and a recessed USB-C port on the back. There are two T cable wraps on the back, which make it easy to bundle up the 9.8ft, purple USB cable. The open port can help prevent damage to the cable and jack. The Smart Choice is a Dumb Phone: In a world of smartphones, sometimes the smartest choice is to go back to basics. Click to explore selection of dumb phones and find your digital detox companion.


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NEW PS5 Pro Controller: Unboxing + Review | SCUF Reflex

This is the new PS5 Pro Controller for the PlayStation 5. Remappable paddles, instant triggers, customisable design and a premium feel. Unboxing and review of the SCUF Reflex Pro FPS controller.

Buy the SCUF Reflex – (ad)

Top 10 PS5 Accessories –

0:00 | Intro
0:28 | Unboxing
1:18 | Design and Features
2:57 | Instant or Adaptive Triggers
4:18 | Rear Paddles
5:48 | Custom Options
6:48 | Charging
7:09 | Warranty
7:27 | Should You Buy One?

This is the SCUF PS5 controller, and is not the official PS5 DualSense Edge controller.

Thanks for watching, Chris.

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PS5 DualSense Edge Controller: Everything We Know

Today during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live presentation, Sony announced its first pro controller, the new PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge.

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